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Discover how Small Business Phones can automate your business by automatically routing calls, reduce time spent with unwanted, and annoying phone calls.  You can also eliminate the need for a costly fax line, receptionist, and make you and your associates more available to your customers with out the need of a receptionist.

Small Business Phones

Need a New Phone System?  Consider a NEC Phone System.

NEC is an affordable system for small businesses with the needs of 3 to 24  on up to 96 phones

We suggest reading about NEC Features and compare.

The NEC is one of the most affordable phone systems for small business on the market today with many useful features.

Expandable up to 96 phones you can start out small and affordably grow your the NEC to 96 phones by adding low cost line cards from $109 to $259 and station cards from $109 to $199 for a 16 port station card.

The best way we can save you money is if you can get the system wired in we program the new NEC systems we sell for free with 60 days of updates.

NEC Small Business Phones

NEC Small Business Phones

Available in 3 configurations to meet system needs of 3 to 96 phones.

The NEC is available in 3) different configurations. One is a 4 X 8 that starts out at 4 lines in X 8 phones and expands to 8 lines in X 24 phones.  Another is an 8 X 16 that starts out at 8 lines in X 16 phones and expands to as many as 24 lines in and up to 32 phones. the larges system is an 8-slot system that is available in 8 lines in X 96 phones, 16 lines in X 80 phones or 32 lines in X 64 phones.

E System Sales, Inc. is an NEC Certified phone equipment reseller and provider working with only quality phones and equipment everyday.  We support the new NEC systems we sell no matter how long ago you have purchased.  You can always count on us!

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Self Installation

We fully support customers that are interested in installing their own Small Business Phones.

We also provide free remote programming with 60 days of updates on the NEC systems we sell to make sure the customers are happy.

Phone System  Features

Many features available for Small Business Phones like: Voice Mail Systems, Auto Answer Systems, Caller ID, Call Hold & Transfer, Off-site Call Forwarding. Voice Mail to Email, and more.  Please carefully consider how you would like your new phone system to work and make you salesman aware.

Voice Over IP

We have Voice Over IP available in 2 configurations.  One is Voice Over IP phone service like Vonage and Magic Jack that is compatible with most any phone system.  The second is Voice Over IP extensions connected to a phone system off-site making the user appear to be in the office.

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